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Each issue of Basic and Workplace Skills Bulletin includes a news section followed by coverage of conferences, features, a reference section including document reviews and policy papers, coverage of government consultations and delegated legislation. It reports on all relevant parliamentary debates and all relevant answers to written parliamentary questions. 

Basic Skills Bulletin was first published by Simon Boyd Publishing Services of Cambridge in March 2002, when it came out ten times a year. In June 2008 Workplace Learning and Skills Bulletin was spun out of Basic Skills Bulletin and published quarterly. In 2010 the publications of Simon Boyd Publishing Services were bought by EPC and we introduced weekly newsletter supplements to both titles. In 2012 both titles increased their publication cycle to weekly and in 2016 the two were brought back together again as Basic & Workplace Skills Bulletin.

The password-protected area holds the current issue of Basic & Workplace Skills Bulletin and back issues of Basic Skills Bulletin, Workplace Learning & Skills Bulletin, their weekly newsletters and Basic & Workplace Skills Bulletin.  

Basic & Workplace Skills Bulletin

Basic and Workplace Skills Bulletin is a weekly publication bringing news and analysis of policy and developments in adult basic skills and workplace training. It covers areas like the development of functional skills, Apprenticeships, ESOL and prison education.


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