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The journal started life as Education Review, the journal of the National Union of Teachers when it was published twice a year. In 2001 the NUT invited EPC to become publisher with the NUT continuing to have editorial control. In the series of changes that saw the NUT eventually cease to exist as an independent union following its merger with ATL to form NEU, the NUT withdrew from involvement in 2012. 

Education Journal Review, now owned by EPC and published three times a year, continues with the same style and aims as Education Review and now enjoys a partnership with Education International, the international confederation of teacher unions that the NUT and ATL, and now NEU, are part of. 

The password-protected area gives access to the current issue of Education Journal Review, and its back issues, and issues of Education Review since EPC became publisher in 2001.

Education Journal Review

Education Journal Review is an academic journal published three times a year. It covers the full range of education and is of particular interest to teachers and those studying to be teachers.


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